Natural Parenting

Our children are being raised in a world that is quite different from the one that we grew up in. Many things have changed from the advancements in technology and the rise of the Internet to the accessibility of dangerous substances such as drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. What is considered normal or acceptable behavior today would have been shunned just a decade or two ago. Developments in health care have changed the way we live. And while most parents agree the developments are for the better, many question if we are better off for them. has been created as a resource for parents that are interested in learning what other parents suggest as far as raising children in today's world.

Throughout this site you will find many articles that offer helpful ideas and suggestions concerning the many challenges that parents are faced with. Please feel free to send us your ideas or suggestions that will improve the site. Also, please feel free to express your opinions about any of the topics mentioned in this site or outside of this site.